Lawmakers roundly reject governor’s vetoes
Last week was a good week for Illinois student borrowers and taxpayers who want more accountability from the government, as lawmakers overrode numerous vetoes to enact reasonable measures on behalf of their constituents. State Senator Steve Stadelman voted for all of the overrides:
•    The state's new Debt Transparency Act demands better accounting and reporting practices by state agencies so that the comptroller can understand the true extent of the bill backlog at any given time.
•    House Bill 302 requires insurance companies to search electronic records back to the year 2000 to determine if life insurance policyholders have died and take steps to get money to beneficiaries. The legislation protects average families who don't have financial advisors to keep track of paperwork that is easily lost in a move or forgotten about with the passage of time or onset of dementia.
•    Student Loan Bill of Rights  helps protect college students from predatory lenders when they borrow money to pay for their education. The governor's rejection was reversed in the House after having been previously overturned by the Senate.

Women receive free health services at annual Wellness Fair
womensfairpicNonprofit agencies, local businesses and government offices provided free medical and alternative health services such as flu immunizations, cholesterol and blood-glucose testing, referrals for breast and cervical cancer screenings, massage and aromatherapy demonstrations and skincare consultations at Senator Stadelman's third annual Women's Wellness Fair.
Guests also enjoyed harp and flute duets by Emerald Wind and refreshments including Rockford Roasting Company gourmet coffee Sunday afternoon event at Riverfront Museum Park.
"The uncertainty surrounding health care these days has left many people confused and without affordable options," Stadelman said. "This event offers a place to turn for them to turn."
•    WIFR-23 news report