05302018CM0457SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman (D-Rockford) joined with both Republicans and Democrats to pass a fully balanced state budget.

“It’s great to see Republicans and Democrats working together to pass a bipartisan, balanced budget,” Stadelman said. “This is how state government should operate.”

Under the budget proposal, which passed the Illinois Senate today with a vote of 56-2, the state finally delivers on a grant promised to pay for the Rockford Airport a few years ago. While the airport is already built and paid for with private loans, the governor froze the grant from previous budgets.

School districts will also receive an additional $350 million. Due to last year’s historic school funding formula reforms needier school districts, including Rockford Public Schools and Harlem School District, will receive a significant increase. 

“This year’s budget furthers our commitment to fixing the broken school funding formula,” Stadelman said. “Rockford-area schools are a clear winner under this plan.”

This year’s budget also increases funding for local governments by $120 million.

“These additional dollars for local governments will prevent a property tax increase and layoffs of first responders,” Stadelman said.

The budget proposal will now head to the Illinois House of Representatives for further consideration.