Stadelman 4 1 22SPRINGFIELD – Those without health insurance could receive information on available state health insurance with a check of a box thanks to a measure sponsored by State Senator Steve Stadelman (D-Rockford) that passed through the Illinois Senate on Friday.

“This change will allow many without health insurance to obtain information on available state health insurance options that they may not have known existed,” Stadelman said. “Knowing your available options is the first step for many people to get covered and it’s as simple as checking a box on a form.”

House Bill 5142 would establish a health insurance “easy enrollment” program by including a checkbox on all Illinois income tax forms that taxpayers may check to request more information on available health insurance options and prices.

This would require the Department of Insurance and the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to provide a letter to the Department of Revenue describing health insurance enrollment options to those who request it. The implementation of this simply requires the printing and mailing of enrollment options to those who request the information by checking the box on their tax form.

“Many people who are eligible for free or discounted health services don’t know that these options exist,” Stadelman said. “This measure would make those who check the box aware of the programs and insurance options they fit into based on their tax information, saving dollars and lives.”

House Bill 5142 has passed the Illinois Senate and now heads to the governor for further consideration.