Sen. StadelmanROCKFORD – State Senator Steve Stadelman announced that Rockford will receive $125,000 through the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s Strong Communities Program to support affordable housing and revitalization efforts in the community.

“These funds are important for Rockford development and will go a long way to improving our area,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “This funding goes directly to the local Rockford government so they can invest in improving properties around the city that need care and attention.”

 The Illinois Housing Development Authority approved $19 million for the Strong Communities Program, an initiative providing funding to 68 local governments for the acquisition, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition of abandoned residential properties across the state. The program aims to return vacant residential properties to productive and taxable use through rehabilitation.

 “With this funding, we are bringing more investment opportunities for families, businesses and organizations to call the Rockford area home,” Stadelman said. “We need strong community backbones of infrastructure and commerce in order for our communities to prosper, and I will continue to support Illinois’ efforts to revitalize and invest in our community.”

As a result, the Strong Communities Program will help to increase property values, create jobs, help reduce crime, generate additional tax revenue, and attract further community investment.

For more information on the IHDA or and their programs visit their website.