Sen. StadelmanRoserance will add 40 beds for residential substance abuse treatement for adults in part as a result of $250,000 in state funds being delivered for the project by State Senator Steve Stadelman.

The Stadelman-obtained contribution represents a third of the $750,000 project cost and takes Rosecrance to 80 percent of its fundraising goal, Rosecrance President and CEO Dave Gomel announced at a news conference this week where he expressed the nonprofit's "gratitude to the State of Illinois, with special recognition to Senator Stadelman, for their continued support."

Rosecrance is convering space previously used for treatment of teenagers at its Griffin Williamson on University Drive in Rockford to 40 residential beds for adults. Gomel explained that more teens are being treated through outpatient programs, while more adults who lacked adequate early intervention need residential treatment.

"As a society, we're beginning to understand the full cost of untreated mental health and substance-abuse disorders -- the emotional and economic impacts on families and communities," Stadelman said. "Just look at our county jails and the number of inmates who are dealing with mental health issues and substance-abuse disorders. This is why I was so committed to helping Rosecrance meet changing needs."