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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman’s legislation to ensure driver’s education courses include instruction on worker safety in highway construction zones has passed the Senate.

“This measure signifies our priority of protecting the safety of both drivers and workers in highway construction zones,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “We are underscoring our commitment to fostering a culture of safety on Illinois roadways.”

The legislation would require driver’s education courses to include instruction on workers’ safety protocols in highway construction zones, aiming to reduce accidents and protect the lives of both drivers and construction workers.

Highway construction zones pose significant risks to all those navigating them, from construction workers performing vital infrastructure projects to drivers traveling through these areas. The measure would equip drivers with the knowledge and awareness necessary to navigate construction zones safely and responsibly.

“Ensuring the safety of our highways and construction zones requires a united effort,” said Stadelman. “Giving our drivers the knowledge they need to maneuver construction zones safely is of the utmost importance.”

Senate Bill 3151 passed the Senate and heads to the House for further consideration.