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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman was proud to support a measure that will put money back into the pockets of Illinois residents, by eliminating the state-imposed sales tax on groceries.

“This measure is providing relief to skyrocketing grocery prices,” said Stadelman. “By eliminating the state-imposed sales tax on groceries, we can provide financial relief to families across the state, making essential items more affordable.”

Stadelman supported the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, which includes increased funding for education and the achievement of a balanced budget, ensuring continued fiscal stability for the state.

The budget continues the commitment of a $350 million increase toward the evidence based funding model for K-12 education. Further, it prioritizes continued fiscal stability by growing the state’s Rainy Day Fund and investing more money into retirees through fully funding pensions.

“This budget takes the necessary steps to address some of the pressing issues facing our state,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “The boost to education funding will provide important resources for our students, ensuring they have access to quality education and the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, by increasing state funding for education, we help relieve the property tax pressures that have burdened homeowners for too long.”

The Fiscal Year 2025 budget passed the Senate on Sunday.