022323KP0050 StadelmanPolice in Cherry Valley will receive state funds to enforce Illinois laws that prohibit dangerous individuals from keeping firearms.

Cherry Valley Police can use its $11,120.03 award from the State Police Enforcement Fund to form enforcement details to focus on individuals who have become the subject of a Firearm Restraining Order, been declared a clear and present danger or been criminally convicted, among other reasons that would preclude possession of a firearm.

"We have enacted sensible laws in Illinois so that people who have made homicidal or suicidal threats or who otherwise demonstrate they pose danger to the public are not allowed to have firearms," Stadelman said. "Grants like this give local police the resources they need to enforce these important laws for keeping the public safe from gun violence."

Cherry Valley is among 21 police agencies to benefit from a third round of Illinois State Police firearm enforcement grants totaling $1.5 million.

In Fiscal Year 2023, ISP awarded almost $1 million in firearm enforcement grants to 30 law enforcement agencies across Illinois. During that time, local law enforcement agencies completed 311 details consisting of 3,557 compliance checks. As a result of those efforts, 1,151 individuals were placed directly into compliance, transferring all firearms out of their possession and documenting that transfer with a Firearm Disposition Record.

ISP awarded another $1 million in grants to 16 law enforcement agencies in Fiscal Year 2024. Law enforcement agencies that are members of the Violent Crime Intelligence Task Force are eligible to receive grants from the enforcement grants under Public Act 102-0237.