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Insulin cap awaits governor's signature

Diabetics won't be ravaged by out-of-pocket costs for life-saving prescriptions once Gov. JB Pritzker signs a bill co-sponsored by State Senator Steve Stadelman to cap the price of insulin in Illinois at $100 for a 30-day supply. Pritzker has expressed support, calling the legislation "a bold action to protect our residents' health" when the bill passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly last week.

"Illinois continues to be a leader in ensuring health care is a right and not a privilege," Priztker said. "This is an important step forward for lowering health care costs."

Stadelman, who has a diabetic teenage son, argued that capping costs to make insulin affordable will save money in the long run because diabetics won't be inclined to ration insulin, causing serious damage to their health from unstable levels of glucose in their blood.

Women's Wellness Fair another success

Women received influenza immunizations, massage and reflexology demonstrations and learned about health issues ranging from breast and cervical cancer to skincare and aromatherapy at State Senator Steve Stadelman's fifth Women's Wellness Fair at Riverfront Museum Park.

Thirty vendors provided services and information Saturday that focused on women, though men were invited to attend and did. Stadelman organizes the free event as an opportunity for women and men to access health care they may not otherwise be able to afford and to take time to pamper themselves before the holiday rush. Guests enjoyed refreshments and music by the harp and flute duo Emerald Wind.

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 Ethics reform bill would improve transparency in lobbying

State Senator Steve Stadelman is pushing for new ethics reforms in the wake of scandals surrounding numerous Springfield lawmakers in recent months, passing legislation in the Illinois General Assembly last week.

Senate Bill 1639, co-sponsored by Stadelman, takes aim at the practice of state lawmakers lobbying local units of government by requiring:
• state lobbyists to disclose any units of local government they also lobby,
• state lobbyists to disclose any elected or appointed offices they hold,
• lobbying firms that contract out other lobbyists to disclose who is lobbying for each business or other client,
• the Secretary of State to improve the Illinois lobbyist database, integrating new provisions and making the system easier to search and navigate.

The proposals now head to the governor for his signature.

 In case you missed me on Facebook ...

Hanging out and sharing snacks with 3,4 and 5 year olds at Nashold Early Childhood Center. Great to see how their teacher Andrew Fruth Andy Fruth and school staff help students every day. Obviously, the little boy in front (left photo) found something much more interesting than me. 😂

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Stadelman votes to end seasonal time change in Illinois

State Senator Steve Stadelman voted on legislation this week that would make daylight saving time the year-round standard, eliminating the statewide practice of moving clocks forward in the spring and backward in the fall.

“Changing your clocks twice a year is at best a hassle for most Illinoisans,” Stadelman said. “There are also many health benefits that come with making this simple change to the way we keep our time in this state.”

Research has shown that switching to standard time in the fall is linked with a spike in diagnoses of depression as well as a mild spike in heart attacks.

“Standard time may have served a purpose in the past, but it’s simply no longer necessary for the world we live in today,” Stadelman said. “I hope federal lawmakers will come to a similar conclusion and do their part to remove this arbitrary system that burdens everyday people.”

Although the legislation would change state law to end standard time, Illinois still needs approval from the federal government. Until the federal government allows the change to occur, the current timekeeping standards will remain in effect.

 Stadelman sponsors bill to protect aviation jobs

Hundreds of good-paying jobs across the state, including dozens in the Rockford area, may be saved as a result of a bill co-sponsored by Senator Steve Stadelman .

Springfield lawmakers this week approved legislation to reinstate a sales tax exemption for aircraft maintenance materials. Most states offer the exemption from neighboring Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana to major Illinois competitors like California and New York.

“Companies like Emery Air provide good-paying jobs in the Rockford-area,” Stadelman said. “We need to keep Illinois open for business and support these aviation jobs.

Aviation repair companies didn’t begin charging the sales tax on their services when the exemption expired four years ago, and the Illinois Department of Revenue failed to identify or collect the missing funds. House Bill 3902 forgives companies for unintentionally not collecting taxes.

“These companies shouldn’t be penalized for not collecting the tax when they didn’t know the tax credit had expired,” Stadelman said. “I’m urging the governor to reconsider signing this crucial legislation. Hundreds of Illinoisans’ jobs depend on it.”

The bill passed the Senate 48-1-2 during the final week of the fall veto session and now heads to the governor, who has already pledged to veto the proposal.

In case you missed me on Facebook ...

20th Annual Veterans Day Celebration at Rock Valley College. Take a moment today to thank a veteran for their service.




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Second Chances Summit helps improve lives of Rockford area residents

Two dozen volunteer attorneys provided free legal assistance to 135 people hoping to expunge or seal their criminal records, opening the door for them to obtain better jobs, find better places to live or go back to school. Interest in second Second Chances Summit was so high that a third annual event is likely to occur next year.

Attorneys met one-on-one with summit attendees to reivew their criminal records and drafted the necessary documents to request judicial relief for those determined to be eligible under Illinois law. Eligibility depends on the type of offense and length of time without a subsequent charge.

"If you listened to the stories of any of the people who attended the summit, you quickly realize they are haunted for years or even decades by a past transgression that often wasn't a serious enough offense to even warrant jail time," State Senator Steve Stadelman said. "As a result, they've been underemployed and lack the financial resources to engage a lawyer. In extending a hand up to them, we are lifting our community as a whole."

During the summit at the Nordlof Center in downtown Rockford, attendees also could register to vote, apply for a library card and learn about employment opportunities and job retraining programs. In addition to the attorneys who donated a full day of their expertise at no no charge, several local law firms donated funds to offset costs associated with the event

Stadelman organized the summit in partnership with Prairie State Legal Services, Rockford Public Library and United Way of Rock River Valley.

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' Wellness Fair ' offers free health services for fifth year

From flu shots to reflexology demonstrations, an array of free local and state services are being brought together by State Senator Steve Stadelman in his annual event focusing on women's health.

Admission and parking are free for Senator Stadelman's Women's Wellness Fair from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. Saturday, November 16, in Kresge Hall at Riverfront Museum Park, 711 N. Main St. in downtown Rockford.

Services available at Senator Stadelman's Women's Wellness Fair include:

• Influenza, shingles and pneumonia immunizations
• Blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI) testing
• Massage and reflexology demonstrations
• Enrollment in the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program for uninsured women
• Illinois Organ and Tissue Donor registration
• Medicare and Medicaid advice
• Skincare consultations

small womens wellness flyer

Displays booths also will feature information on weight-loss support groups, essential oils, healing crystals and chakra stones.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided, and the harp and flute duo Emerald Wind will perform. Additional details are available at

"Health care, especially for women, remains a central public policy concern," said Stadelman, who began the event in 2015. "I believe very strongly that a woman's ability to pay should never stand in the way of her receiving basic health care -- especially preventive care."

In case you missed me on Facebook ... 

Lo pasé muy bien (I had a good time) at the Dia De Los Muertos celebration! The money raised will be used to buy backpacks filled with essentials and given to the children in the DCFS Foster Care Program. Great to see Ricardo Montoya Picazo, who works in Cheri Bustos' office, and Mayor Thomas McNamara!




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Second summit to provide second chances for people with criminal records

People who are eligible to have criminal records sealed or expunged can obtain a free attorney to prepare their case to go before a judge at State Senator Steve Stadelman's Second Chances Summit II from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 1 at the Nordlof Center in downtown Rockford.

To sign up for the free legal consultation, visit or call 815-987-7557.
Registration, which opened after Labor Day, closes Oct. 7, Stadelman announced during a news conference today. Stadelman said that ever since the 2018 summit, when 130 individuals met one-on-one with volunteer attorneys, he has continually received requests to offer the one-day opportunity again.

Included as part of the summit this year is a presentation by Winnebago County State's Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross, "Cannabis Clemency: Illinois' New Law Legalizing Marijuana." Many lower-level marijuana convictions can be removed from people's records after retail sales become legal in January 2020. Hite Ross' talk from noon to 12:45 p.m. is open to the general public; advance registration is not required.

“Many well-meaning men and women in our community find that a past transgression, often from their youth, prevents them from obtaining living-wage employment and adequately supporting themselves and their families,” Stadelman said. "Illinois law allows people who meet certain criteria to seek judicial relief, and we all benefit as a result.”

Stadelman was joined at the news conference by event partner Prairie State Legal Services. Wendy Crouch, pro-bono coordinator for the nonprofit agency, encouraged local attorneys to contribute their time and expertise. Prairie State provides event training that volunteer attorneys can be use toward the state's continuing education requirements for lawyers.

"Having a criminal record can have far-reaching impact, even restricting a parent’s ability to fully participate in their child’s life, Crouch said. “Prairie State Legal Services is excited to again partner with Senator Stadelman to help all those who are eligible to clear their records and move foward."

Interested attorneys can enroll in the training session online at or by calling 815-985-2902.

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