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Insulin cap awaits governor's signature

Diabetics won't be ravaged by out-of-pocket costs for life-saving prescriptions once Gov. JB Pritzker signs a bill co-sponsored by State Senator Steve Stadelman to cap the price of insulin in Illinois at $100 for a 30-day supply. Pritzker has expressed support, calling the legislation "a bold action to protect our residents' health" when the bill passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly last week.

"Illinois continues to be a leader in ensuring health care is a right and not a privilege," Priztker said. "This is an important step forward for lowering health care costs."

Stadelman, who has a diabetic teenage son, argued that capping costs to make insulin affordable will save money in the long run because diabetics won't be inclined to ration insulin, causing serious damage to their health from unstable levels of glucose in their blood.

Women's Wellness Fair another success

Women received influenza immunizations, massage and reflexology demonstrations and learned about health issues ranging from breast and cervical cancer to skincare and aromatherapy at State Senator Steve Stadelman's fifth Women's Wellness Fair at Riverfront Museum Park.

Thirty vendors provided services and information Saturday that focused on women, though men were invited to attend and did. Stadelman organizes the free event as an opportunity for women and men to access health care they may not otherwise be able to afford and to take time to pamper themselves before the holiday rush. Guests enjoyed refreshments and music by the harp and flute duo Emerald Wind.

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 Ethics reform bill would improve transparency in lobbying

State Senator Steve Stadelman is pushing for new ethics reforms in the wake of scandals surrounding numerous Springfield lawmakers in recent months, passing legislation in the Illinois General Assembly last week.

Senate Bill 1639, co-sponsored by Stadelman, takes aim at the practice of state lawmakers lobbying local units of government by requiring:
• state lobbyists to disclose any units of local government they also lobby,
• state lobbyists to disclose any elected or appointed offices they hold,
• lobbying firms that contract out other lobbyists to disclose who is lobbying for each business or other client,
• the Secretary of State to improve the Illinois lobbyist database, integrating new provisions and making the system easier to search and navigate.

The proposals now head to the governor for his signature.

 In case you missed me on Facebook ...

Hanging out and sharing snacks with 3,4 and 5 year olds at Nashold Early Childhood Center. Great to see how their teacher Andrew Fruth Andy Fruth and school staff help students every day. Obviously, the little boy in front (left photo) found something much more interesting than me. ?

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